How to order your portrait(s)

To order a portrait I need a good photo. This means high resolution, taken by daylight so I can see the true colors.
Just like this one of Niko, wich is perfect...

Or if you only have a poor photo, but it's your favorite look or your dear friend has passed away...
You can send me more pictures from different angles, so I can see the details in the other photo's.

Price list

I make my drawings ' ONE SIZE-ONE PRICE '
Size is A4, 21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches.
This can be a single, double or triple portrait.
All created with colored pencils.

My waiting list is about 6 months at the moment.

€ 70 Euro   $83 USD   62 GBP for a single portrait,
€ 80 Euro   $95 USD   71 GBP for a double,
€ 90 Euro   $107 USD   80 GBP for a triple.

World wide standard shipping € 8 euro
World wide Secured € 17,25 euro
Europe Secured € 11,50 euro


Payment will be in 2 terms, 50% when I start drawing
and the other 50% when the portrait is finished & approved.
I prefer PayPal.